PlayClaw : Release notes for new versions

Useful information / Updates history

Build 4870 / Oct 31, 2018

  • Added editor windows docking

Windows docking highlight on Youtube

  • Added ability to use external plugins (encoders, overlays, extensions).

Plugin SDK is available on GitHub

  • Added ability to add custom devices in Sysinfo overlay and rename devices
  • Fixed compatibility with Armored Warfare
  • Fixed possible wrong initialization of DirectX 9 on some systems
  • Fixed lost sensors after loading scene in experimental Sysinfo overlay
  • Correct rounding of Sysinfo sensors values
  • Fixed bug not settings FPS Limit if the program is started minimized
  • Fixed Sysinfo module crash on 32+ threads CPUs

Build 4850 / Oct 8, 2018

  • Now overlays effects are applied in games too!
  • Fixed possible crash of applications in Windows 7 on PlayClaw shutdown
  • Fixed compatibility with Prime World
  • Fixed possible wrong overlays rendering order
  • Fixed crash on startup if your CPU has more than 20 threads

Build 4820 / Sep 28, 2018

  • Fixed crash during second pre-recording buffer flush when MJPEG codec is used
  • Fixed bug not starting translation because of empty translation key (but key is good)
  • Fixed compatibility with Ring of Elysium
  • Reduced CPU usage of hardware sensors measurement module
  • Fixed bug full processing of processes that do not contain graphics modules DirectX,OpenGL,...
  • Added new options in Sysinfo graph overlay
  • Fixed wrong AMD CPUs temperatures in Sysinfo
  • Fixed bug not saving of some Sysinfo graph and bars settings
  • Better statistics calculation for 0.1/1% Low sensor
  • Temporary added console output in statistics overlay, firstly, for error messages
  • Added ability to show hours in statistics overlay if recording or streaming duration is more than 60 minutes
  • Added lines separators and dummy sensors in Sysinfo overlay for better formatting

Build 4800 / Sep 13, 2018

  • Capturing and compression code was tuned to avoid frames drops when a game uses full power of GPU
  • Better peak system load processing to avoid unwanted frames drops
  • Fixed bug capturing black screenshots
  • Added process/date options for screenshots path
  • Added automatic backup feature after starting new version
  • Added new Teamspeak 3 options: show speakers and show messages
  • Added simple interface mode (it is enabled by default on very first software start)
  • Sysinfo overlays are now loading in delayed mode - they will show "wait" message and will not block software loading during hardware sensors initializing
  • Overlays will not be removed from a game if PlayClaw is in GAME capture mode and game is minimized
  • Added video tutorials (check Help menu)
  • Old Sysinfo overlay was replaced with two new ones: simple and sufficient for most gamers and complex experimental overlay which has everything and a bit more
  • Added multiselection feature in overlays editor for group moving of overlays
  • Program user interface is changed to give handy and efficient way to set up scenes
  • Plugins API is almost ready for release

Build 4600 / May 20, 2018

  • Added FTL streaming protocol support (for Mixer streaming service)
  • Added Crop/Expand output overlay effect
  • Added frame cropping in Output settings. This will crop the final frame right before sending it to an encoder.
  • Fixed bug saving custom RTMP settings
  • Fixed big FPS drop in some DirectX 9 games like GTA:SA (when used 30-bits color)

Build 4560 / Apr 30, 2018

  • Added support for Vulkan-powered games (like DooM, Dota 2, Wolfenstein II The New Colossus and others)

Build 4520 / Apr 13, 2018

  • Added screenshots format selection (PNG, JPG, BMP)
  • Fixed OpenH264 crash when frames are dropped
  • Fixed Hitman 2016 benchmark compatibility
  • Fixed problem with taking screenshots of some systems
  • Added support for CPUs with more than 32 threads (sysinfo)
  • Extended DIMM temperature sensors to 6 units (sysinfo)
  • Fixed wrong values of CPU Fan speed sensor on some systems (sysinfo)
  • Added Brazilian localization

Build 4495 / Mar 27, 2018

  • Added threads count option in OpenH264 encoder
  • Small performance tuning in Web Browser overlay
  • Fixed possible crash in AMD H264 encoder
  • Fixed wrong dropping frames in OpenH264 encoder
  • Fixed wrong DIMM temperature sensors values in Sysinfo overlay
  • Added Thai localization

Build 4490 / Mar 15, 2018

  • More handy Teamspeak 3 overlay plugin installation
  • Decreased CPU utilization during encoding
  • Increased Web Browser overlay update speed after resizing
  • Fixed Arcania: Gothic 4 compatibility

Build 4480 / Mar 3, 2018

  • Added Image mask output overlay effect
  • Added Highlight only active overlay general option
  • Added Cancel recording feature
  • Added any foreground game option in Game Only capture mode
  • Fixed crashing 3rd party applications on some Windows 7 systems after program start
  • Fixed constant cursor update while capturing
  • Fixed cursor size and position on display with high DPI
  • Fixed AMD H.264 encoder memory leak
  • AMD H.264 encoder performance is increased up to 20% when GPU load close to 100%

Build 4460 / Feb 9, 2018

  • Added Output Bookmarks extension

Build 4450 / Feb 4, 2018

  • Added Color filter feature (overlays properties)
  • Fixed detection of some DirectX 9 games (like Heroes & Generals)
  • Fixed memory leak when using AMD H.264 encoder
  • Fixed some interface bugs in Windows 7
  • Fixed compatibility with Windows 7 without Platform Update

Build 4440 / Jan 27, 2018

  • Added software H.264/AVC codec (powered with OpenH264)

Build 4430 / Jan 21, 2018

  • Added Twitch chat overlay
  • Added Color key output effect
  • PlayClaw icon is changed to red color if capture is enabled
  • Fixed bug with minimize on start option

Build 4420 / Jan 14, 2018

  • Added Teamspeak 3 overlay
  • Custom RTMP settings are available now
  • Fixed compatibility with Quake Champions, GZDoom, Hitman 2016, Stalker
  • Fixed DirectX 9 games detection on some systems
  • Fixed cursor rendering while capturing if cursor was hidden by a game
  • Fixed image loading in Image overlay on Windows 7
  • Fixed crash on startup if your video hardware is too old (doesn't support DirectX 10/11)