PlayClaw features

Video capture and encoding

Audio capture and encoding

Live streaming


Video sources

Games and applications based on DirectX 9, 10, 11, 12 and OpenGL

Windows desktop (Aero must be enabled)

Video codecs

Hardware accelerated H.264/AVC (NVidia, AMD, Intel)

Software H.264/AVC (OpenH264)


Frame size

Limited only for H.264/AVC encoding (max 3840×2160)

Frame capture speed (FPS)

Limited only by your hardware capabilities

Additional options


Video codecs customization

Realtime frame resize

Mouse cursor capture

Audio sources

Detecting default audio sources in a system

Up to 16 sources simultaneously

Audio codecs

PCM without compression


Additional options

A recording volume of any audio source can be changed

Capture audio only when a custom hotkey is pressed

Audio mixer

Ability to write audio data in separate files

Supported services




Custom RTMP settings

Available plugins (overlays)

FPS (shows frame rate and recording state)

Web Browser overlay

Time overlay (Clock, Stopwatch, Timer)

Image overlay

Text overlay

SysInfo overlay (Realtime information for CPU, GPU, RAM, HDD, etc)

Teamspeak 3 overlay

Webcam overlay

Window capture overlay

Color fill overlay

Output overlays effects

Chroma key (green screen)


Plugins (overlays) capabilities

Switchable scenes support

Visual overlay editor (WYSIWYG)

Overlay render options: don’t render, only on screen, only on recording, everywhere

Overlay render ordering

Almost unlimited number of overlays in a scene

Profiles support (profile is a set of settings)

App/games black list support